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What is Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Java vs JavaScript
  • Java is an object-oriented programing language . It also provide a virtual machine platform which lets you create executable programs that run on virtually every device. Java promises, “Write Once, Run Anywhere”. Java is an open-source, multi-platform network-centric, object-oriented programming language. It is one of the most popular programming languages. It is also can be used as a platform for computing as well, and was first launched in 1995 by Sun Microsystem in 1995. Later, it was acquired from Oracle Corporation.
  •  JavaScript : JavaScript is a light programmer language(“scripting scripting language”) that is used to make websites interactive. It is able to insert interactive text in HTML. JavaScript is sometimes referred to as browser’s languages. JavaScript(JS) doesn’t appear the same as or closely related to Java. JavaScript is an underlying scripting language which helps you build dynamic web pages.

Principles of JavaScript programming is client-side, meaning it is able to run through the browser of the user without the need to access any resources from server.JavaScript also used other technologies such as REST APIs XML or XML, among others. Today, JavaScript is also working with technologies such as Node JSS. Both languages use an similar syntax and are extensively used for server-side and client-side Web applications, however there are a few differences.

Key Difference Between Java and JavaScript

1.Java is a language that is strongly typed and variables have to be declared prior to being used in a program.In Java the type of variables is determined during compilation time.JavaScript is a weakly typed language and is more relaxed in language syntax, rules and grammar.
2. Java is an object-oriented programming language.It is an object-oriented scripting language.
3.It needs a lot of memoryIt needs less amount of memory
4. The web-browser does not need to be installed to run Java-based applicationsThe web-browser is required for running the JavaScript applications.
5. Java program is a program that has the extension file “.Java” and translates source code into bytecodes, which are executable via JVM(Java Virtual Machine).JavaScript file extensions include “.js” and it is executed, but not compiled. Each browser includes the Javascript interpreter to run JS code.
6. Java is a Standalone language.It is a web page, and is integrated with it’s HTML web page’s HTML.
7. Data types must be declared.Data types not declared.
8. Java is a thread-based method of concurrency.Javascript is an event-based method to concurrency.
9. Static LanguageDynamic Language
10. Java program should be built prior to execution.           It must be integrated into the HTML application to enable the execution.
11. The objects of Java are class-based, and it is impossible to write a Java program without defining classes.JavaScript objects are prototype-based.
12. Java can be stored in the host computer in the form of “Byte” code.It is saved by the machine hosting the JavaScript (client machine) to be used as “source” text.
13. Java applications can be run on every virtual machine(JVM) or web browser.JavaScript code previously ran only in browsers, but now it runs on servers using Node.js.
14. It is among the more complex languages to learn.It is one of the easiest languages to master.
15. Java supports multithreading.Javascript doesn’t support multi-threading.
16. Java language was developed by the “Sun Microsystems.”JavaScript programming language was developed by the “Netscape.”
17. Java applications run in any virtual machine(JVM) or browser.It’s code run only in browser, but now days it can run on server via Node.js.
Program to print “Hello World” in Java Class A { public static public static main(String Arguments []){ System.out.println(“Hello World”); } }<html><head>  <title>My First JavaScript code!!!</title>     <script>         alert(“Hello World!”);     </script> </head><body> </body></html>

Some crucial differences are

Features of Java

  • This is a multithreaded programming language with memory management software that is automatic.
  • Create code once and execute it on virtually every computer platform.
  • It is intended for the development of applications that are object-oriented.
  • Facilitates distributed computing through its network-centric

Features of JavaScript

  • It’s a cross-platform, cross-platform language
  • Strong Testing Workflow
  • It’s extensively used for server-side as well as client-side
  • It’s simple to master and start programming using

Benefit (Advantage) of Java

•           Library search is easy and simple.

•           It’s a multi-threaded system which allows you to complete several tasks simultaneously within a program.

•           An abundance of developers with experience is available.

•           It lets you create common programs and reuseable code.

•           Great performance

•           An enormous array of libraries that are 3rd party

•           A detailed documentation is available.

Benefit (Advantages) of JavaScript

•           Instant feedback to visitors.

•           Interfaces, classes and modules.

•           It lets you create interfaces that respond when users hover with their mouse

•           It’s an open-source project that has Microsoft’s support

•           JavaScript can be used JavaScript to save and retrieve data on the computer used by the user

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