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Important Full Forms List of 245

24WDFour Wheel Drive(FWD
3ABSAnti Lock Braking
4ABSAnti-lock Braking System
5ADAnno Domini
6ADSAdvanced Design System
7AICTEAll India Council for Technical Education
8AIIMS (एम्स)All India Institutes of Medical Sciences
9AM (एएम)Ante Meridiem
10ANM (एएनएम)Auxiliary Nurse Midwife
11APMCAgricultural Produce Market Committee
12ARAutomatic Recall
13ARAIAutomotive Research Association of India
14ATM ( एटीएम )Automated teller machine
15ba full form in hindiBachelor of Arts
16BBA ( बीबीए )Bachelor of Business Administration
17BBA (बीबीए)Bachelor of Business Administration
18BCA (बीसीए)Bachelor of Computer Application
19BEBachelor of Engineering
20BHPBrake Horse Power
21BITBinary digit
22BMEPBrake Mean Effective Pressure
23BMW ( बीएमडब्ल्यू)Bavarian Motor Works
25BPO (बीपीओ)Business Process Outsourcing
26BSc (बीएससी)Bachelor of Science
27BSF (बीएसफ)Border Security Force
28BSFCBrake Specific Fuel Consumption
29C.I ENGINECompression Ignition Engine
30CA (सीए)Chartered Accountant
31CANCampus Area Network
32CCCubic Capacity
33CCC (सीसीसी)Course on Computer Concepts
34CCTV (सीसीटीवी)Closed-circuit television
35CCVTIControlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition
36CDICapacitor Discharge Ignition
37CEO ( सीईओ )Chief Executive Officer
38CFL (सीएफएल)Compact fluorescent lamps
39CISF(सीआइएसएफ)Central Industrial Security Force
40CM (सीएम)Chief Minister
41CMO (सीएमओ)Chief Media Officer
42CNGCompressed Natural Gas
43Computer (कंप्यूटर)Computer
44CRDICommon Rail Direct Injection
45CV (सीवी)curriculum vitae
46CVTICharged motion Variable Time Ignition
47DAV (डीएवी)Dayanand Anglo Vedic
48DFIDigital Fuel Injection
49DGP (डीजीपी)Director General of Police
50DIDigital Interface
51DI ENGINEDirect Injection Engine
52DJ (डीजे)Disc Jockey
53DNA (डीएनए)Deoxyribonucleic acid
54DNSDomain Name System
55DODemi Official
56DOHCDouble Overhead Camshaft
57Dr (डॉ)Doctor
58DRDO (डीआरडीओ)Defence Research and Development Organisation
59DTODistrict Transport Officer
60DTSIDigital Twin Spark Ignition
61E.g.Exempli gratia
62EBDElectronic Brakeforce Distribution
63EC ENGINEExternal Combustion Engine
64ECG (ईसीजी)electrocardiogram
65ECSElectronic Clearing System
66EGRExhaust Gas Recirculation
67Email (ईमेल)Electronic Mail
68EMI ( ईएमआई )Equated Monthly Installment
69ENEnterprise Network
70ERP (ईआरपी)Enterprise Resource Planning
71ESCElectronic Stability Control)
72ESR (ईएसआर)erythrocyte sedimentation rate
73ETCEt cetera
74EVRVElectronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
75EWS (ईडब्लुएस)Economically Weaker Section
76FACFine Arts College
77FCIFood corporation of India
78FDI (एफडीआई)foreign direct investment
79FHPFrictional Horse Power
80FICCI (फिक्की)Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
81FIR (एफआईआर)first information report
82FMCGFast Moving Consumer Goods
83FORFreight on Road
84FriendFight for you.
85FRMFinancial Risk Manager
86FSSAIFood Safety and Standards Authority of India
87GDP (जीडीपी)Gross Domestic Product
88GDP (जीडीपी)Gross Domestic Product
89GETGraduate Engineer Trainee
90GMT (जीएमटी)Greenwich Mean Time
91GOGuild Officer
92GPF (जीपीएफ)General Provident Fund
93GPRS(जीपी आर एस)General Packet Radio Service
94GPS(जीपीएस)Global Positioning System
95GST (जीएसटी)Goods and Services Tax
96GVWGross Vehicle Weight
97HCVHeavy Commercial Vehicle
98HIV (एचआईवी)Human immunodeficiency virus
99HP (एचपी)Hewlett Packard
100HR (एचआर)Human Resources
101HSC (एचएससी)Higher Secondary Certificate
102HTML (एचटीएमएल)Hyper Text Markup Language
103HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
104HVACHeating ventilating and Air Conditioning
105IAIndian Airlines
106IAS (आईएएस)Indian Administrative Service
107ibps (आईबीपीएस)Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
108IC ENGINEInternal Combustion Engine
109ICU ( आईसीयू )Intensive Care Unit
110IHPIndicated Horse Power
111IIT (आईआईटी)Indian Institutes of Technology
112IMEPIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
113InternetInter Network
114IPL (आईपीएल)Indian Premier League
115ips full form in hindiIndian Police Service
116IQ (आईक्यू)Intelligence Quotient
117ISFCIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
118ISTIndian Standard Time
119IT (आईटी)Information Technology
120iti full form in hindiIndustrial training institute
121ITSInstitute for Telecommunications Sciences
122JCBJoseph Cyril Bamford
123KFC ( केएफसी )Kentucky Fried Chicken
124KISSKeep It Simple, Stupid
125KPHKilometer Per Hour
126KPLKilometer Per Liter
127KYC (केवाईसी)Know your customer
128LCD (एलसीडी)Liquid crystal display
129LCVLight Commercial Vehicle
130LED (एलईडी)light emitting diode
131LKG (एलकेजी)Lower Kindergarten
132LLB ( एलएलबी )Bachelor of Laws
133LOVE (लव)Language Of Valuable Emotions
134LPG (एलपीजी)liquid petroleum gas
135LSPVLoad Sensing Proportioning valve)
136MBA (एमबीए)Master of Business Administration
137MC (एमसी)Menstrual cycle
138MCB (एमसीबी)miniature circuit breaker
139MEMaster of Engineering
140MLA (एमएलए)Member of the Legislative Assembly
141MMS (एमएमएस)Multimedia Messaging Service
142MP (एमपी)member of parliament
143MPFIMulti Point Fuel Injection
144MRFMadras Rubber Factory
145MRI (एमआरआई)Magnetic resonance imaging
146MSG (एमएसजी)Monosodium glutamate
147MSPMinimum Support Price
148MUVMulti Utility Vehicle
149NADNetwork Attached Device
150NASA (नासा)National Aeronautics and Space Administration
151NCC (एनसीसी)National Cadet Corps
152NCR ( एनसीआर )National Capital Region
153ncvt (एनसीवीटी)National Council for Vocational Training
154NDA (एनडीए)National Democratic Alliance
155NDRF (एनडीआरएफ)National Disaster Response Force
156NEFT (एनईएफटी)National Electronic Funds Transfer
157NGO (एनजीओ )Non-governmental organization
158NITNational Institutes of Technology
159NNTONo Need To Open
160NPNurse Practitioner
161NPTNuclear Power Training
162NREGA (नरेगा)National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
163NRI ( एनआरई )Non Resident Indian
164NYCNew York City
165OBC (ओबीसी)Other Backward Class
166OBDOn Board Diagnose
167OCRoptical character recognition
168ODOver Draft
169ODFOpen Document Format
170OHVOver Head Valve
171ONGC (ओएनजीसी)Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
173OS (ओएस)Operating System
174OTOccupational Therapy
175PAC ( पीएसी)Provincial Armed Constabulary
176PC (पीसी)Personal Computer
177pcs full form in hindiProvincial Civil Services
178PDF (पीडीएफ)Portable Document Format
179PDSPublic Distribution System
180PF (पीएफ)Provident Fund
181PG (पीजी)Post Graduate
182PGDCA (पीजीडीसीए)Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications
183Phd (पीएचडी)Doctor of Philosophy
184PICPhysical Interface Card
185PM (पीएम)Post Meridiem
186POLICE ( पुलिस )Polite Obedient Loyal Intelligent Courageous and Efficient
187POP ( पॉप )Post Office Protocol
188POSTPower-On Self-Test
190PUCPollution Under Control
191PWD ( पीडब्ल्यूडी )Public Works Department
192RIPRouting Information Protocol
193RITES (राइट्स)Rail India Technical and Economic Service Limited
194RO (आरओ)Reverse osmosis
195RPMRevolutions Per Minute
196RSS (आरएसएस)Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
197RTGS (आरटीजीएस)Real time gross settlement system
199RTORegional Transport Office/ Road Transport Office
200SAARC (सार्क)South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
201SAESociety of Automotive Engineers
203SDM ( एसडीएम )Sub-Divisional Magistrate
204SDO (एसडीओ)Sub Divisional Officer
205SEBI (सेबी)Securities and Exchange Board of India
206SETSecure Electronic Transactions
207SFCSpecific Fuel Consumption
208SHO (एसएचओ)Station House Officer
209SI ENGINESpark Ignition Engine
210SMS (एसएमएस)Short Message Service
211SO (एसओ)Station Officer
212SOHCSingle Over Head Camshaft
213SRSSupplemental Restraint System
214SSC (एसएससी)Staff Selection Commission
215ST (एसटी)Scheduled Tribes
216SUVSport Utility Vehicle
217SUVSport Utility Vehicle
218SUVSport Utility Vehicle
219TB (टीबी)Tuberculosis
220TCTraction Control
221TDITurbocharged Direct Injection
222TDS (टीडीएस)Tax Deducted at Source
223TSP (टीएसपी)Thrift Savings Plan
224TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
225TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
226UAE ( यूऐई )United Arab Emirates
227UAE (यूएई)United Arab Emirates
228UGC (यूजीसी)University Grants Commission
229unesco (यूनेस्को)The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
230unicef (यूनिसेफ)The United Nations Children’s Fund
231UPUttar Pradesh
232UPA (यूपीए)United Progressive Alliance
233UPSC (यूपीएससी)Union Public Service Commission
234URUser Register
235USDUnited States Dollars
236VDBVentilated Disc Brake
237VDOVideo Display Operator
238VGTVariable Geometry Turbocharger
239VIAVirtual Interface Architecture
240VRS (वीआरएस)Voluntary Retirement Scheme
241VTVTVariable Timing Valve Train
242VVTIVariable Valve Timing
243WGTWaste Gas Turbocharger
244WHO (डब्ल्यूएचओ)World Health Organization
245ZWDTwo Wheel Drive

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